Size Guide

There are three ways to help you choose your correct size:

  1. T-Shirt & Height: Use your usual t-shirt size and height as a guide to select the correct collar and sleeve size combination.  
  2. Body Measurements: Measure your neck, chest and sleeve and reference against our sizing table.
  3. Garment Measurements: Measure your favourite shirt and compare that to our actual garment measurements. 

Note: if you are on mobile, please use landscape mode to read the tables

1. Usual T-Shirt Size & Height:

When you know if you want a tighter or looser shirt (see our fit guide here), you can use your usual t-shirt size and your height as a guide to select the right collar and sleeve size in the following table:

Note:if you are planning on wearing a tie it is important to choose the correct collar size. See below for details on how to measure your collar size.

2. Body Measurements:

Here’s how to take your body measurements (Get a measuring tape - and a helper. This is a tough one to do alone):

Neck: Firstly, wrap the tape around your neck. Make sure you leave enough space for a finger with each measurement. This will ensure a perfect fit.

Chest: Wrap the tape around your torso, a little below the armpits. Again leave space for your finger.

Waist: Wrap the tape around your body, about level with your bellybutton.

Sleeves: Start by raising your arm and bending slightly at the elbow, as though looking at your watch: Stretch the tape from your neck, i.e. the top of the center of your back. Measure from here to the peak of shoulder. This is measurement number one. Measure from the peak to the tip of your elbow (measurement two) and then from there to just above the wrist bone (measurement three). Add all the measurements up and you have your sleeve length.


3. Garment Measurements: 

These tables contain the actual garment measurements for our Slim and Extra Slim Fit shirts. Pick your (current) favourite shirt and measure the sleeve, chest and waist to compare to the Alder & Green fits. 

How to measure your shirt:

Neck: Measure the collar size by first unbuttoning the shirt and laying the collar flat. Measure from the furthest end of the buttonhole, to the middle of the button on the other side. 

Chest: Lay the shirt flat with buttons closed, and measure across the chest between the lowest point of the armhole seams.

Waist: To measure the waist, find the narrowest part of shirt somewhere in the middle between chest and bottom.

Sleeve Length: Start by unbuttoning the top button on the shirt. Measure from the center back of the collar to where the shoulder begins. Place your thumb there to secure the tape. Continue by measuring from the beginning of shoulder to the end of shoulder, take the last measurement from the end of the shoulder seam to the end of cuff. Finish by combining these measurements.


Slim Fit: Garment Measurement

Size guide for Slim Fit shirts

Extra Slim Fit: Garment Measurement


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