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The Alder Shirt is the perfect mix of modern textures with heavyweight fabrics and lightweight fabrics combined to give you day-long comfort. Our textured shirt is made from breathable fabric which means it can be your shirt on cooler days as well as warmer days. Our pure-cotton fabric and natural comfort is guaranteed to make this tailored shirt your new hero shirt.

Our quality cotton shirts come in a range of versatile colours, including pink shirts and white shirts as well as blue slim shirts and a modern navy tone that works perfectly with navy tailoring. Our striped shirt is a refined design that is also perfect for the modern shirt style.

We offer 30 size options for the perfect fit long sleeve shirt, with three sleeve lengths across button cuffs (single cuffs) and double cuff (formal shirt cuffs) and eight shirt collar sizes.  

Our luxury shirts are made from 100% Organic soft cotton fabric to ensure skin-friendly comfort. No pesticides or harmful substances are used and these easy-to-iron shirts are not made using Formaldehyde which is so commonly used in other brand’s Non-Iron shirts. These performance shirts are perfect for the office, a night out or special occasions and celebratory occasions like weddings or a ball.

Shop our selection of shirts including Formal Shirts, Casual Shirts, Dress Shirts and dress down shirts made from the finest fabrics today!