Pink Shirts

Our pink shirt is a great subtle, pop of colour to elevate your everyday shirt or formal look. Our pure-cotton fabric fibres ensure superb colour absorption. 

The formal, twill weave creates a subtle textured shirt perfect for special occasions and our casual option is made from a 2-fold 100's cotton Royal Oxford, making it the best for day-to-day wear. 

Available in a formal twill fabric weave and a casual pure-cotton oxford style, you're sure to find the best fit for any occasion. Our shirts come in a range of cuff styles, from formal double cuffs, to adjustable single cuffs. As well as a range of collar styles from a classic cutaway collar, perfectly combined with or without a tie, as well as a button-down option for those more casual events. 

With our wide-range of product sizes, you will be sure to find your perfect fit pure-cotton pink shirt.