Jamie Palmer - Social Supermarket

So is there any small tips you can suggest that people can make in their daily lives to be more sustainable?

I think one of the biggest problems our planet faces at the moment is the threat from global emissions and there are things day to day we can do. People often think about simple things like turning lights off, but that only represents a tiny percentage of our daily emissions. I think if you look at the carbon footprint of somebody in the west, it is about twenty tonnes of carbon compared to developing countries where its about 0.5 per tonne, so there is a huge disparity there.

A lot of that comes down to travel, so thinking about how you can take the train or cycle more instead of driving or flying. Food waste too is a huge issue. About 8% of global emissions come from food waste in this country, so meal planning can really help. And obviously one of the growing carbon emitters is fashion. Fast fashion is on track to be one of the biggest emitters in the globe, so it is really about finding products which are more local and use more organic materials which are less water intensive. Purchasing garments for the long-term and maintaining them to ensure long product life is also essential.

'Inertia is one of the biggest killers to a business so actually one of the most important traits for entrepreneurs is just being able to make a decision and stick by it.'