January 17, 2022 3 min read

Small sustainable changes that make a big difference

In recent years, we’ve experienced a shift in narrative towards slowing down and adopting more conscious daily lives as it relates to sustainable living. We encounter the chance to make ethical alternatives in various facets of our lives, but it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. We’re here to offer you five small changes you can make, that will make a big difference in your own life and big difference for the greater environmental good.   

1. Ethical Grooming

Finding ethical grooming essentials can be the sustainable alternative to generic brands. Better for your skin and better for the environment, they adopt compostable packaging and ingredients that eliminate micro-plastics. Shampoo bars typically use clean ingredients and have no need for plastic packaging. UK based brand Haeckels was founded from the love of marine conservation and adopts bio contribution packaging made from mycelium which returns back to the environment.  

2. Coffee Connoisseurs  

Starting the day with a quality cup is one of the simplest pleasures we can indulge in. However eliminating the one-time use cups is a good way to minimise the amount of waste produced from your daily dose. With the 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used in the UK each year creating 30,000 tonnes of waste annually, investing in a durable long-lasting bottle means you can sustainably have a drink on the go, also safeguarding from any potential spillages. Have a look atCircular&Co. They produce their coffee cups from UK landfill waste and is totally leak-proof and dishwasher safe. 

3. Hungry?  

Eliminating food waste is a small change we can make to avoid the financial loss we incur as a result. A great initiative you can get involved with for your Friday night takeaway is downloading Too Good To Go. The app lets you collect food that is about to be discarded or wasted by local restaurants at a reduced cost. You can find your most loved establishments taking part, treating yourself to a meal that is at a reduced cost and reduces the amount of food waste.  


4. The Gift of Giving 

Picking up a gift for a loved one? The novelty of ripping open gifts on a special occasion doesn’t get old so if you’re packing your gifts consider this innovative design byWragWrap. Skip using paper and opt for their fabric gift wrap which can be used time and time again and altered to fit different package dimensions. Ideal for the laziest wrapper to the creative gift-givers they offer a variety of designs that are made from traceable recycled fabric scraps.


5. Slow Luxury

Finally, choosing to shop from sustainable companies and ditching the fast-fashion trends is a significant improvement that can be made in our lives. Fast fashion has an incredible impact on the environment on many different levels. From the immoral corporate values favouring profit over good working conditions, to affecting local ecosystems with the amount of pesticides used to harvest regular cotton, the business practices of a brand should be considered when purchasing. Choosing to support smaller businesses with a transparent sustainability agenda should become common practice. True luxury is slow and sustainable. 

Change doesn’t have to be big to start, the smallest sustainable swaps can start you on the journey of living consciously. 

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