May 11, 2022 2 min read

How to Measure Guide

When searching for your perfect shirt for those special occasions or the go-to choice for your work wardrobe, getting a perfect fit is everything. At Alder & Green, we host an extensive size range with 15 different sizes available in both a slim fit and extra slim fit. 

In this article we will show you how to find your perfect shirt size and select a flattering style for your body shape. 

1. Measuring the neck circumference

The first step is to measure your neck circumference measurement in inches. This should be taken along where the collar sits. Then add half an inch to your measurement to accommodate movement and ensure the collar does not feel too snug. Rounding up to the nearest inch or half inch is sufficient in finding the closest fit available.

2. Measuring your sleeve

Take the tape measure and place along the centre-back, nape of the neck and trace it down to just below the wrist bone. Your arm should lay flat against your side and follow the curve of the shoulder. Add an extra half inch if you like to show cuff past your jacket. Round up if your measurement falls between a sleeve length.

3. Chest Width

Measure along the widest part of the chest, which is usually under the armpits. Choosing to measure close to the body adding an extra inch to the measurement will determine what fit you opt for. 

4. Slim or Extra Slim Fit?

When considering the body of the garment the cut of the shirt should be chosen to best flatter your body shape. For those with a lean build, opting for an extra slim fit would be the perfect choice. Those wanting a regular fit with more flexible movement should go for a slim fit. Our button down casual collars come with a squarer bottom hem to allow the shirt to be styled tucked in or out of your trouser as you prefer. 

Here at Alder & Green we want you to look and feel your best in our shirts. So to accommodate sizing further we offer our LocalFit initiative, where we can offer to come and collect your shirt to have it tailored further to get you the precise fit you are looking for. Just go to our Fit Guide, scroll to the bottom and reach out to the email provided and we can get in touch to discuss the alterations needed and where to collect your garment. 

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