March 10, 2022 2 min read

How to Find Your Staple White Shirt

The white shirt is a wardrobe essential. A staple, versatile piece worn in casual and special occasions.   

Here at Alder & Green we believe the white shirt is a garment worth investing in, to create a capsule wardrobe of classic pieces. Replacing a formal shirt is not the most financially or sustainably viable option, so investing in a good quality shirt ensures it will be a long-lasting return on investment. The perfect fit and fabric help elevate the garment from a simple white shirt, to your reliable go-to piece you know will flatter you each and every time.  Here are the considerations you should make when investing in your new white, crisp cotton shirt. 

1. The Colour: It works with everything. It’s a tone so easily complimented by any colour it is paired with. Its effortless and offers an easy way to combine different patterns, textures and shades – providing a clean base for slightly more eccentric pieces. 















2. Fit to Flatter: When deciding on your new white shirt, investing some time and consideration towards the fit can go a long way. From a slimmer fit to an extra slim fit, it can compliment your body in a way that is able to elevate sophistication in your look. The elitist practice of owning a white shirt may no longer exist, but the upscale aesthetic of it still does. The fit truly allows you to look meticulously refined. 

3. Fabric Composition: Another key detail to consider when selecting your shirt is the fabric composition. The issue with purchasing cheaper is the compromise on comfortability and durability during a long-wear. Cheaper synthetic fibres such as polyester don’t allow for breathability as the plastic composition doesn’t produce hollow fibres. If you’re wearing a shirt for a day in the office, considering the importance of fabric breathability, will allow you to stay comfortable for longer. It becomes the ideal piece to wear through these colder and warmer transitional seasons. Organic eco-friendly materials also minimise skin irritation as the cotton is harvested without the harmful pesticides and fertilisers, so sensitive-skin wearers can enjoy.  
The quality of the fibres also determine how crisp the final garment looks. Longer cotton fibres, referred to as' long-staple cotton' helps creates clean lines, as used in our Alder & Green shirts. As the fibres are long, they help produce a more durable yarn which doesn't pill, split or wrinkle as easily. 


4. Cuff Style: Depending on whether it is a formal occasion or a casual setting, choosing the right cuff makes a difference. French cuffs or double cuffs are best suited to formal events and important business meetings. Single cuffs are ideal for more relaxed, casual settings. When choosing to go for a double cuff, it allows you to execute a refined touch and add a touch of personal style with a pair of sharp cufflinks. 

The white shirt is an essential part of the wardrobe, a timeless classic. True luxury is slow and found in owning a few quality, key pieces that you can return to. 

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